wasd+shift = move(turn)+run
right/left mouse buttons - aim and shoot
Controllers are supported but moving axis is inverted somehow and I dont know how to fix it (yet)

Full Game-Walkthrough

Final. ver.1

- Game fully playable, keys are pickable and usable, bullets are limited
- Goal is to escape mansion by entrance door, the key is somewhere in the building

ver. 0.2

- enemies are can spot player and follow him, also they attack after been shoot at. And, they react to bullets, and can be killed.
- enemies now have sounds for: hit, death, and spotting player.
- cameras system fixed. No longer player can stuck with camera pointing the other part of level.
- player can shoot now, bullets are infinite. + sounds and effects.
- all doors interacteble.
- footstep sounds for player

ver. 0.1

- enemies always aware of your location and can kill you. (with gameover screen and animations).
- player can trigger shooting animation but it useless for now.
- player and enemies can open 3rd floor door by pushing it.

Whats next?
- Make more games :)

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nice retro ..vibes re